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Exceptional cleaning and housekeeping solutions, delivering spotless and inviting environments for both residential and commercial spaces

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Residential Services

Your trusted partner for exceptional residential cleaning solutions. Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in delivering top-notch cleanliness and creating a pristine living environment. With meticulous attention to detail, we provide tailored cleaning services for homes of all sizes. From routine maintenance to deep cleaning projects, we go above and beyond to ensure your space is spotless and inviting. Let U Have It Maid Cleaning Services take care of your cleaning needs, so you can relax and enjoy a beautifully maintained home. Experience the difference today and discover the joy of coming home to a fresh and immaculate living space.

Commercial Services

Your go-to solution for professional commercial cleaning. Our experts specialize in delivering exceptional cleanliness and creating a pristine environment. With attention to detail and advanced equipment, we provide tailored cleaning services for offices, retail spaces, and more. Trust UHIM Cleaning Services to handle your cleaning needs while you focus on growing your business. Experience the difference today and enjoy a spotless and inviting workspace

Party and Event Cleanup

Leave the mess to us after your event or party! Our event and party clean-up services are designed to take the stress out of post-celebration cleanup. Our experienced team will efficiently and meticulously restore your space to its pre-event condition, allowing you to relish the memories without the worry of cleanup. Whether it’s a small gathering or a grand soirée, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy your event to the fullest, and let us handle the aftermath.

Our Services

Standard Services

Floor Cleaning

Vacuum and mopping of floors in all rooms

Window Cleaning

Spot cleaning of interior windows

Surface Cleaning

Wipe down and spot cleaning of counters, appliances, shelves and fixtures

Bathroom Cleaning

Full bathroom cleaning of toilet, tub, sink, shower doors, vanity and mirror


Dusting of A/C vents, ceiling vans and high fixtures as needed


Clean up of and emptying of trash

Addon Services

Organization Service

Ask us about streamlining your space with our professional organization service.

Appliance Deep Clean

Ask us about our refrigerator, oven and other appliance deep cleaning


What's Included

  • All Standard Services inlcuded in all cleanings
  • Exceptional Service and Cleanliness
  • Guarenteed Satisfaction

How it Works

  • Call, Email or Submit an Online Estimate
  • We’ll Quote you our Best Price
  • Schedule a Appointment for Cleaning

What to Expect

  • Prompt Arrival
  • Exceptional Cleaning
  • We’ll Leave you with a Great Impression

Our Pricing

Our cleaning service pricing is transparent and competitive, ensuring you receive exceptional value for the high-quality cleaning solutions we provide.